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Annual Report 2016

Group structure

Organisational and Legal Corporate Structure

The technotrans Group is an international technology and service company that concentrates on customer-specific applications in the field of liquid technology. It comprises technotrans AG and 15 subsidiaries in which technotrans AG directly has an interest, as well as seven companies in which it holds an interest indirectly. The parent company technotrans AG, with its registered office in Sassenberg (Westphalia), directly or indirectly has a majority interest in all subsidiaries.

The structure is designed so that all companies can make a contribution towards strengthening the worldwide market position of the group.

With 24 locations, numerous joint undertakings and 1,252 employees (December 31, 2016), the technotrans Group enjoys a presence in all major markets worldwide.

The group’s activities comprise on the one hand the production plants and on the other hand the sales and service companies. The production plants specialise by business segment and product line.

The technotrans sales and service companies are responsible for direct sales and service of our products. As a supplementary measure our Key Accounting supports major international customers.

The technotrans Group does not have financial holdings. The ownership structure within the group is presented in the Notes, under “Consolidated Companies”.

The technotrans Group is growing. In 2016 technotrans completed further targeted acquisitions for the strategic expansion of its business model:

In April 2016 technotrans AG initially acquired a majority interest amounting to 51 percent in Ovidius GmbH, Berlin, via its subsidiary gds GmbH. In acquiring the majority interest, technotrans has reinforced its Services segment. Ovidius GmbH develops XML-based content management and editorial systems for technical documentation, and as such will complement the product portfolio of gds GmbH.

In August, 2016 technotrans AG obtained a majority interest of 98 percent in the share capital of GWK Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, Meinerzhagen. Through its largest acquisition to date, technotrans AG is stepping up its activities in the plastics area. The company has now taken up position in an interesting market niche in the plastics industry, a growing market. The customers of GWK Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH include leading players in the plastics processing industry, among them plastic machine manufacturers and mechanical engineering companies, as well as companies in the automotive, packaging, chemical and food industries.

At the end of October technotrans AG increased its shareholdings in each of the companies KLH Kältetechnik GmbH (Bad Doberan), KLH Cooling International Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and Taicang KLH Cooling Systems Co. Ltd. (PR China) by 35 percent, bringing them all up to 100 percent. These companies have already been included in consolidation by technotrans AG since the 2013 financial year on the basis of its participating interests to date. The complete takeover of the shares in the KLH companies follows the successful integration of the business into the laser cooling area, and the Taicang location moreover offers technotrans scope for the strategically important expansion of China business for the entire technotrans Group.