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Annual Report 2016

Overall statement of the board of management on the risk situtation

technotrans continued its corporate strategy with a long-term focus in the 2016 financial year and, through the acquisitions, established the basis for major growth opportunities both in the markets and at the level of the subsidiaries. The future business performance and the success with which these acquisitions can be integrated globally represent a relevant risk item for the technotrans Group. At the time of compiling this report the Board of Management rates this risk as moderate.

No risks which could pose an existential threat to the technotrans Group can be identified; that applies both to our previous economic activity and to activities that we are planning or have already kicked off. The overall risk situation of the group results from the aggregation of all categories for all business units and functions. It has not changed significantly compared with the previous year, and remains moderate and manageable. The Board of Management believes that the group is moreover excellently positioned to extend its market position and achieve global growth in the medium term, too.